Snowboarding can be very exciting and adventurous when safety is the number one priority. Securing the body and eyes reduces the potential risks associated with overexposure to the sun. This website is for snowboarders who want to know about different ways to be safe and fight against dangerous ultraviolet rays.

Snowboarders are experiencing a new challenge when searching for quality sunglasses at an affordable price. Most companies manufacture costly sunglasses, for instance Giorgio Armani. Inexpensive "snowboarding sunglasses" can be found at SeaSpecs, which cost $49.95 each and come standard with their patented, impact resistant polarized lenses which provide 100% protection from the Sun’s harmful UV rays, along with their secure strap which keep them on your head while snowboarding.

Snowboarding safety should always be of the highest priority. The best start for a snowboarder is to be comfortable for a day on the slopes. To acheive a safer and pleasant snowboarding experience, a snowboarder must wear layers of clothes for extra warmth to avoid hypothermia and choose bright colors for maximum visibility. Waterproof fabrics are also a must.

Protective clothing and gear is essential due to the nature of snowboarding. Snowboarders run a high risk of injuring themselves because of the aerial stunts, tricks, high speeds and equipment that accompany the sport of snowboarding. Safety equipment includes items like padded snowboard pants, helmet, goggles, and wrist guards.

Another essential safety guideline is steering away or avoiding the other skiers and boarders around you. A snowboarder should always give way to those lower down on the slopes as well. However, remember that most accidents and fatalities occur due to collisions with objects like trees and lift towers.

Sunglasses containing UVA & UVB provide extra protection because they help block the dangerous rays reflected off the snow which create a blinding light. The last thing a snowboarder wants is blurred vision caused by light reflected off the snow. Wearing the appropriate snowboarding sunglasses allows for much better visibility so snowboarders should strive to avoid all potential damages endured from not following the proper safety guidelines. If a snowboarder absorbs too much of the sunlight reflected from the snow, a snowboarder can experience sunburn, a burn to living tissue caused by UV rays.

In addition to protecting snowboarder’s eyes from UV rays, wraparound sunglasses also provide further protection by keeping water spray out of snowboarder’s eyes.

Therefore, always wear protective eyewear and clothing while snowboarding to protect yourself as much as possible.